About Sandy



For six years now, I have been seeking to accomplish an impossible task.  Portraying the feeling of love through my imagery.  Love is something so personal and intimate.  It is intangible and expressed in different ways by different people.  Most importantly, it is a feeling that can be subtly influenced by many uncontrollable factors at that given moment, ranging from a potty moment to the 'I can eat a cow' moment.

It is those in-between moments where I catch my daughter squinting or grabbing a hold of daddy's glasses that tell the true story.  A story about being a parent.  A story about learning to raise a child.  A story about rejection, fighting, growing and loving.  The Honest Love Project is about capturing these pockets of moments that are so subtle yet so valuable in the life of a family.

A little bit of history about me... 

I am an entrepreneur at heart.  I went to school for accounting and got my designation, only to realize that it wasn't for me.  I started my own photography company - Sandy Tam Photography - in 2009 after mentoring with wedding photographer Joee Wong for a year.  Since then, I primarily photographed weddings.

Marrying my one true love, Albert, was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Raising my daughter Blythe with Albert is the best thing that has every happened to us.  Since having Blythe, I have fallen in love with photography all over again but this time, my subject is a little bit different.  Families in love with their newborn, their child, their beloved family pet is so powerful and captivating.

I started the Honest Love Project as my attempt at portraying honest feelings and true love through imagery.  It is still work in progress but so far, the response has been amazing.  I feel truly blessed to have such a supportive network of friends and clients, and to have the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals in the making of great imagery.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow along with my journey.  This is just the beginning.