Photographer Spot Light

Anita will be taking part in our
Families with Pets photo session on Sunday July 24th


I first met Anita at a local market.  She was walking about with her camera in hand, photographing for an editorial submission later featured on Style Me Pretty.  I remember it being a hot summer day that started with the sun blazing right above our heads.  And then came some light drizzles of rain.  I thought to myself - it would suck to shoot in this weather.  As the day progressed and the crowd started dwindling because it was getting late, I saw Anita still walking about with her camera in hand and photographing the market organizer's bull dog, Jay.  What a trooper!  She's a true professional, I said to myself.

Several months later, we find ourselves having lunch together and sharing our life's story about how we became photographers.  Interestingly, we both came from a corporate background and jump shipped to photography.  Here is what she had to say when I asked her some questions during a recent interview for the Honest Love Project.  

1.  Why did you become a photographer?

I became a photographer because I wanted to pursue a career that was rewarding and engaging.  I studied engineering in Waterloo and while working in a corporate environment does have it's perks, it is not the most rewarding experience.  What I really wanted to do in life is to leave a positive impact on the people around me and photography allows me to do that.  I love meeting new people and most of all, I love photography. 

2.  If you weren't shooting for a client, what is your favourite subject to shoot?

Obviously my dog!  My iPhone photo album is filled 85% with photos of my dog, 14% with wedding images and 1% with photos of my husband.

3.  How would your friends describe you?

My best friend says I am smart, motivated and ambitious.

4.  Why did you decide to become a dog owner?

I love dogs, like all dogs!  I knew I MUST get one after I dog sat for a friend for a week and it was a toy poodle.  It was such a pleasant and rewarding experience and I knew that a dog was right for me.  I am so happy when I come home every day after a long day of work and see Mojo.  He makes everything all better.  I can't imagine life without him now.

5.  Describe the moment you met Mojo for the first time.  

It was love at first sight.  The breeder put Mojo on my lap and he just lied down.  He didn't whine or cry.  He just lied down like he knew me already.  I knew he was the one!  

6.  Describe Mojo and one favourite thing you like doing with him.

Mojo knows how to spin!  But he only knows how to spin left, unlike Zoolander who only knows how to turn right (haha).  Mojo spins non-stop when he's excited and he'll add in an extra hop when I say "cookie".  I didn't teach him how to spin.  It was just something he learned on his own.  I also love playing fetch with Mojo.  It is hilarious when he runs with the ball back to me while his huge ears flap up and down.  It is so cute!

7.  What is one thing Mojo does (you think) to tell you that he loves you?

Whenever we come home, my husband would open the gate to his playpen to let him out and he will immediately run towards me instead of my husband. 

8.  Why the Honest Love Project?

I was thrilled when Sandy approached me to take part in the Honest Love Project.  I truly believe in carving out time in our busy lives to really enjoy and appreciate those around us.  It is very easy to take things for granted these days and sometimes it is those small moments in life that matters most.  A photo is truly worth a thousand words and images only appreciate in value over time as moments and feelings cannot be recreated. 

9.  What do you hope to achieve with the Honest Love Project - Families with Pets sessions?

I love meeting new people and hearing about their experiences.  Everyone comes from all walks of life and there is always so much to learn from each other.  With the Honest Love Project, I hope to bring value, enrich people's lives and give them these joyous moments that they can share and relive again.  

PhotographerSandy Tam