Photographer Spot Light



Jennifer will be taking part in our
Families with Pets photo session on Sun July 24th


Jennifer has a super friendly smile that makes you want to walk across the room and say 'hello', which is exactly what I did the first time we met.  A friendly smile is always a plus when it comes to being a photographer, in my opinion, because as you know, not everyone are super models and not everyone knows how to pose in front of a camera.  A smile is her way of saying "relax, enjoy yourself and let me handle the photo taking".

Jennifer and Kevin run the photography business while Croquette, their much loved corgi, gets much of the spotlight.  He is often their subject when it comes to photo taking, which has made him a very famous corgi on Instagram.  Croquette has built a 15k+ follower base on Instagram and thousands more on Facebook.  

We took some time out to snap some photos of this family and had Jenn answer a few questions for us.  Did I mention that Croquette can talk too?  

1.  Why did you become a photographer?

I love traveling and I have always wanted to understand basic photography so I can take landscape and architectural photos during my travels.  Long story short, I enrolled in a part time photography program and one of the instructors was a wedding photographer.  She invited me to assist her one weekend and at the end of it, she told me I have the talent to become a wedding photographer.  Six years later, here I am.  Still shooting weddings and loving every couple I work with.  I owe it all to my instructor.  She is my business and life coach even to this day. 

2.  If you weren't shooting for a client, what would you shoot?

I love shooting pretty details around the house, around my neighbourhood and my dog, Croquette.  You'll see his Instagram account (@croquettethecorgi) and understand my obsession :)

3.  How would your friends describe you?

I asked my friends about this and here are their combined answers.  A couple of them surprised me.  I am organized, kindhearted and generous.  I am passionate about my work and everything I do (especially my fur baby Croquette).  I love to travel but is also happy to cuddle up at home and read a good book.  I have a quirky sense of humour and afraid of heights.  I am also very strong and while in college, I lifted four jugs of 2-litre carton milk to save time from going back and forth to the grocery store.  I was named Xena for a few months after that.

4.  Why did you decide to become a dog owner?

I grew up with three dogs and I have always loved having them around.  But my husband, Kevin, has never had a dog.  I told him something was missing in our lives and it was most definitely a dog presence.  He didn't trust me at first but now, Kevin can't remember the days without Croquette.  He is more attached to him than I am.  

5.  Describe Croquette.

Croquette is a giant goofball.  He looks tiny as his legs are short but don't underestimate his strength!  He loves playing rough and when he is bored, he will lay on his back and sigh.  A long and loud sigh to make sure he is heard.  Often, I feel that he is a human in a dog body as he understands too much and is too smart for a dog.  Lately, he loves checking himself out in the mirror.  He will literally walk up to the mirror, check his reflection and end it by checking out his butt.  Kevin and I enjoy looking at his acts!

6.  Describe the moment you first met Croquette.

We had Croquette flown in from Sacramento so we met him at the cargo area in the airport.  He was wet, tired and really scared.  I have a video on my phone of when we first opened his crate.  He sniffed my fingers (checking if there was a treat, of course) and once I lifted him up, he laid his head on my shoulder.  We were just in the moment, right there.  And that was our first meeting.  I knew he would be a great fit right away because that is what Kevin and I always do when we need to take a moment.  No words.  Just take it in. 

7.  What is your favourite thing to do with Croquette?

I love snuggling with him.  You'll see lots of photos of him snuggling on Instagram.  He has the best expression when we snuggle and he literally asks for it in his doggie noises when we are watching TV.  Oh by the way, he is a talker ;)

8.  Tell us about an interesting experience you've had with Croquette.

That would be one of our first walks together when we first got him.  We would walk him for 30, 45, 60 minutes at a time and he was barely tired!  So I decided to take him on a longer walk one evening and three hours later, we got home with him in my arms.  We found out 2.5 hours was his limit and he conveniently stopped at one point and said that was enough.  "Now you carry me home".  Kevin and I hope to take him on scenic hikes this summer and tire out this puppy in him while we can.

9.  What is one thing Croquette does (you think) to tell you he loves you?

He doesn't want to be away from us.  It breaks my heart every time I drop him off to shoot a wedding.  He'll look at us with his sad puppy eyes: "ergggh...guys, guys, I am coming with you, right?"

10.  Why the Honest Love Project?

With the ease and access to take photos anywhere and everywhere on our phones, I feel the art of selfie has increased while the art of photography has decreased.  I would love that fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, dog owners...basically everyone, to have beautiful photos of themselves and their loved ones.  Not just for them but for generations to come.  To say this is my family, the people I love and have helped me become who I am today.  And to show that this is what we love to do together and how we interact.  Documented.  I would love to have that opportunity to do that for someone as I would love my family and I to be documented the same way.

11.  What do you hope to achieve with the Honest Love Project?

I hope to offer my talent and to build friendships along the way.  I love stories and I hope at the end of the work we do together, we can proudly say "this is your story" through my photos with your loved ones.  Be yourself, be vulnerable and let's have fun! :)