The Road to CNE

I live in Markham.  As a Markhamer, we are spoiled by our vehicles.  We drive everywhere even if it is to the local Shoppers.  Last night, as we were walking back to our vehicle after an evening at the CNE photographing the Fungs, we had to walk through the GO Train station to get to the nearby lot.  We jostled through crowds of people waiting for the next train.  There were families with kids and strollers, some with prized possessions that were larger than their own mass.  I turned to my husband and blurted "why would anyone take the GO Train to the CNE instead of driving?"  I immediately realized it was a naive question because not everyone owns a vehicle.  But as usual, my husband patiently explains "because taking the train to the CNE is part of the experience."  

Growing up, I remember my family and I took the streetcar to the CNE every year.  It was a trip that we looked forward to for an entire week prior to.  How quickly I have forgotten that the road to the CNE was often equally as fun as our time there.   

Our lives have become so busy nowadays that we forget to enjoy the process.  Being a goal oriented person by nature, I look for efficiencies in everything I do because that is the only way I can tackle all the things on my to-do list.  I carry over this mentality to my personal life as well including cooking, grocery shopping, chores around the house and even when having fun as a family.  What a shame.  

The Honest Love Project is about capturing those day to day moments in life that pass us by so easily and quickly.  Perhaps I need to keep reminding myself to really live by example.  Slow down.  Relax.  And enjoy the journey.

The Fungs shared their adventures with us, from duck hunting to frog fishing to ice cream!  The evening flew by so fast that we were famished by the time we arrived at the Food Building.  Some people go to the Ex for the rides, others go for the shopping and the shows, and then there are those who go for the food.  Much like us, the Fungs were definitely there for the food as they ate their way through the Ex from corn dogs, to bubble tea, to chicken shawarma, to pasta and crepes (no, they did not try the cricket tacos or the beetle smoothie).   We ate until the closing announcements came on.  What a plentiful night!

Our next on-location family session will take place at Whittamores Farm on Sunday October 9th.  Hopscotch your way through Pumpkinland and dash through their corn maze.  We'll have our cameras and running shoes ready!  To inquire or book a session, click here.

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